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'7' Day Challenge-for Seekers!

        The '7' day challenge-for seekers is an intentional journey to hear the Voice of God. This challenge is FREEE and will be posted by Videos on this site only.
-Please refer your friends and family to THIS PAGE if they would like to take the challenge but dont' have an email address.
We will encourage one another through daily Periscospes during the challenge (follow me @remnantchick)
As well stay connected for updates & encouragement through our Facebook group 'When God Speaks'.
Thank you for signing up and taking this journey of faith with us.

What People are saying.......

"Took the 7 day challenge & loved it. Learned that God speaks to me through songs. God uses songs to show me my next move and give confirmation. The challenge is simple & effective. Take it!!


-Drew Cost, Connecticut

Elder Kay Starks

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